Fifty Shades Of Grey Bracelet

by - Friday, February 13, 2015

CODE: 50CG01
Price: 400 PHP
8 Charms
Charms referred to books: eiffel, catamaran, glider, key, heart, cab, ice cream cone, letter C
NOTE: missing charm: bed and helicopter, that's why it costs much higher than other design

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CODE: 50CG02
Price: 350 PHP
10 charms
charms inspired by the book. meaning those were most likely used or mentioned in the book like: handcuffs, piano, car, lips, camera, and some included on the "real" bracelet. the eiffel, key, heart, ice cream cone, letter C.
NOTE: this is the inspired 50 shades bracelet only, meaning not all that is exactly on the book are included here that's why it costs much lesser than the first design. 

CODE: 50CG03
Price: 430 php
up to 12 charms of your choice. you may choose from eiffel, camera, glider, key, heart, handcuffs, lips, ice cream cone, letter C, catamaran, and car.
NOTE: customize 50 shades of grey bracelet be it less than or exact 12 charms.

ALL bracelet comes with a box already.

These fifty shades of grey bracelet are for sale on my online shop. You can visit it on instagram its @sassyflairies

I am only accepting payment trough BPI because I have no time for any money transfer.

For faster transaction, please viber or sms me at 09164640653


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  1. Ellie, these are such cute charm bracelets... I had one when I was a little girl (many years ago... lol)... I had grand piano, a church with a ring inside, lovers on a moon... I really loved that charm bracelet, my grandmother had bought it for me... nice xox

    I hope you are doing well, have a wonderful Valentines day xox

  2. Love it!

    Please click on some of the links of my post

  3. Charm bracelets are so lovely, I haven't seen the movie or read the book yet but it seems interesting. :) I'll have to watch it soon!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  4. N«I had never heard about it! Cool :)

  5. That bracelet is cute! I love it!
    Melanie @

  6. Hola Ellie: que linda pulsera.
    Saludos ticos.


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