Globe Tatt Awards 2014: Expect The Unexpected

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

I felt so overwhelm when I received an email containing an invitation for Globe Tatt Awards 2014. I was like "wait, what? is this for real? me? how? why?" then I started messaging my friends telling them about the news and how I'm thinking twice(or so) whether I'll be going or not. "This chance will never goes you way" as they always say. But in my mind the only thing that really pushes me to go is "for sure" I will be seeing David Guison there. haha! Anyway, the very reason why I'm so hesitant is because I have no one to accompany me since its abrupt but thank God two of my friends were able to accompany me.

Another major dilemma: WHAT TO WEAR! This has been our topic on our thread at fb messenger. I'm asking them of what they think would best suit "Chic Cocktail Attire" (I will be posting some of my outfit that night but the details would be on next post) I immediately scan my wardrobe through my mind and every possible dress is either I already wear it or I'm not in the mood to wear it. I have this mentality(I don't know if bad or what) but if I already wear the dress on such a big occassion don't expect me to wear it again on another big occasion. That's just me. My friends are also suggesting what to wear(yes, they know my wardrobe, too) but none of what they suggest is my type. 

But then. creativity pops in. I really want to style myself that the focus would be on my shoes and accessories. If you would probably notice most of what I'm wearing attracts the dress itself but this time I want to be different. Good thing, this bodycon dress that I got from Forever21 suits what I plan in mind. I added eye catching necklace and my new purchase Lita JC inspired shoes.  

photo credits to the owner

photo credits to the owner

What is Globe Tatt Awards?

The Philippines has long been called the social networking capital of the world because of how active we are in the digital sphere. Whether on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; the Pinoys' creativity, wit, and command for the medium are truly amazing. That is why Globe Tattoo created the Tatt Awards - a groundbreaking avenue that recognizes individuals who share Tattoo's fiery passion for greatness, founded on individuality and a sincere interest to lead by sharing with others.
With 11 categories honoring those who made remarkable impact on the local social media landscape, the Tatt Awards 2014 shall search for the best of the best from July 1, 2014 until its main event on August 8, 2014 (the program period) through an exciting and innovative process of nominations, screening, judging and public voting.

The night was made even more lively when Kean Cipriano, Nicole Asensio and Miggy Chavez came out and entertain the crowd. But what I really enjoy is when Bamboo and KZ Tandingan kill the stages with their awesome performance.

The following photos are all taken by me during the event. These are some of the winners of the event.

Here is the complete list of winners:
YouTube Phenom of the Year
WINNER: Jamich
Mikey Bustos
Lloyd Cadena
Super Selfie (Gab Valenciano)
The One
Vice Ganda
WINNER: Kimpoy Feliciano
Katha Magazine
Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year
Kimpoy Feliciano
WINNER: Vice Ganda
Senyora Santibañez
Gandang Gabi Vice
Professional Heckler
Instagram Phenom of the Year
WINNER: Patrick Dee
Googly Gooeys
Best Social Media Movement Award
Youth Act Now
Gawad Kalinga
Best Digital Artist, presented by Spotify
WINNER: Bamboo
Sarah Geronimo
Mayday Parade
Parokya ni Edgar
Best Style Blog/MicroBlog Award
DG Manila -David Guison
Liz Uy
Kim Jones 
WINNER: Tricia Gosingtian
Best Fitness Blog /MicroBlog Award
David Guison
Coach Rio
WINNER: The Fat Kid Inside
Best Podcast Award
The Cave
Geeky Nights
Becky Nights
From The Stands
WINNER: The Morning Rush
Best Lifestyle Blog /MicroBlog Award
WINNER: madhousemnl
Our Awesome Planet
When in Manila
Best Tech Blog /MicroBlog Award
Geeky Nights
Pinoy Tech Blog
WINNER: YugaTech
Geeky Pinas
-courtesy of rappler

It was a classy and fun night indeed. First time to experience the world of social media on a vip setting pa. Will never forget this night and experience. Thanks Jeff for the invite, we had so much fun. Nag fan-mode-on lang kami dun e ❤️❤️❤️

See??? I told you!! I will be seeing him there! Imagine my "kilig" and the never ending pinch on my friends to take a photo of us together. I was even more happy when he's so kind and you know just say yes and pose to the camera with me. :D Fulfilling night "ika" nga. I will never forget this night and a never ending gratitude to Jeff Songco for inviting me to this event.


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  1. Ellie, it sounds like you had so much fun... I love your choice in taking a classy simple black dress and dressing it up with your jewelry and shoes :)

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