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by - Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am stiil unemployed. Well, some part of me still isn't on that stage yet because I still have lots to do this August. Or maybe I am just bluffing myself because I really wanted to work on one company only wayback college. But still not heard anything from them and its beyond 1 month already. Should I move forward? But maybe I will be waiting until the end of Aug. Haaaay ang hirap ah!

Anyway, I've been to a lot of friend events, birthday or whenever we just want to hangout or have a massage. Sometimes I lack the time to update and read your blogs and leave a comment but whenever I have time I do read yours. This blog has been my outlet for quite some time already.

Honestly, one of my dilemma is having someone take my photo. Oh, how many times did I rant that here? I can't remember the number! Yeah, I don't know sometimes I'm too shy to ask my friends to take a photo of me and dictate like this and like that. That's why I end up using my tripod and our terrace. Thank you guys! You both have been my very best bud to my blog. I really envy those fashion blogs that has a very high resolution or hd photos, I know it adds appeal and attacts readers because I too  is attracted to such. 

About my look, when I discover that finally this kind of top suits me(I have every issue on flaunting my arms and armpit :p) esp when I lose some weight I always and almost wear this top. I first pair it with pants but when I pull this pink skater skirt it became wow for me. The top is from my older sister and the skirt is from Charms Corner. I have been their customer for quite some time. They offer cheapest but faahionable item. You can search them on db and ig.


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  1. Love ur skirt :)

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  2. Cute outfit....

  3. Nice outfit! Love the shoes.

    The pendants are really nice, the butterfly one is really cute :-)

  4. I like the cute pink skater skirt Ellie...

    It must be hard to find someone to take pictures the way you want... I think it is great when you can take your own, they turn out great :)

  5. I can totally relate to you Ellie, im shy to ask my friends to take my photos too because i have so many demands on how to do it, the angles and etc! Haha! Good for you you had a tripod, while me i have to wait 2-3 weeks and have to do all the outfit shots in bulk because my sister is not always home :( Anyways, i love your skirt <3

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  6. Love your outfit and the shoes are amazing.

    & of course we should follow each other!!
    I'm following now!

  7. Love the skirt! Check out my blog and let me know what you think.

  8. beautiful look! you look so pretty! i loveeee your blouse :D


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