Huling Hirit and So Long Baguio - Day 4

by - Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last day. Actually we're not supposed to leave Baguio yet, but since wala na din kami pera we decided to go home na. haha!

Our plans for the day is to go to the store where we will buy blankets and to wagwagan in the morning to continue buying clothes. :p 

In the afternoon, our plan is to go to market to buy vegetables and then to strawberry farm.


All wasted looks. :D

Finally, at 10pm we leave Anj house.


If you would notice a loads of baggage to think that we're just three. haha! Medyo namakyaw e, lalo na yung dalawa. :D

A fun out-of-town. Sana maulit and sana madami na kami. It's actually our first time to go out-of-town that far. :)


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