A Lonely Trip To La Union

by - Friday, October 21, 2011

I've mentioned about my other posts that we went to La Union because our Grand Mother just died. The last time I saw her was like 2-3 years ago. She's so ill but the plan on visiting her always postponed because of my everyday class at school and ate's hard time at the office since travelling from here (Bulacan) to La Union will take us almost 8 hours. We make it a point that by October we'll visit her no matter what. But before the month reach October she dies last September 24 and we are all shock about the news.

My lola is my daddy's mother, she's with us since we were young and the one my Parents leaves us to take care of us when they were at work. I remember when my lola will always massage my feet because it's the only way that I'll be put to sleep every night. Then I get used to that not until we grow up and she decided to go back to La Union.

I really can't remember the time when and how old I am since I last visit my dad's hometown, maybe that's too long ago that I really can't remember. So going there knowing what lies ahead, is kinda heart-breaking. I always thought on our way there that kung hindi pa namatay si lola hindi kami makakapunta, but there ar e so many reasons behind it, I know it sounds so silly to argue about it that no matter what we should find time on going there. 

Our trip to La Union is not only heart-breaking but somewhat a bit fear in us, there's this typhoon I think its Pedring the one before Quiel that really is so strong and can blown us away but it doesn't stop us to still go, we leave our house 2 in the morning of 27th of September and arrives there at 2 in the afternoon, the trip were full of sleep, really, because I wasn't able to have a good sleep so that almost half a day of travel gives me time to sleep. There are some accident that we see, like a big tree falling on a tricicle and too many flooded areas. I wonder how we really pull through the rest on getting there.

We just stay there for only one day, I need to go back to school and ate on her work. We don't stay until libing but my Parents are on their way there, my dad who happen to work abroad filed immediately a memo for his leave. On our way home there is this awesome Church that I wanted to visit, we pass by it nung papunta kami and I'm wondering if we can drop by, my ate at the same time wants too. We both share same thing a heart on wonderful structure of Church especially those historical places. I really not intended to take any pictures on my lola's lamay but I can't help taking pictures of this very wonderful Church.

It is my first time to visit this Church, though some signs I don't understand since its written in ilokano. It's nice to be back here though on a very sad occasion.

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