Save a Life, Adopt a Dog

by - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I cannot say I’m a dog lover by birth
because somehow in my early life I’m afraid of them, probably for the main reason of getting bitten by them. We had a dog before; we named her “Pikachu” if you know the cartoons Pikachu that’s where we get her name. Having her changes my fear of them. My fondness to dogs grew more when she gave birth to a dozen of puppies, though we didn’t keep them all because some of our neighbor ask for some puppy to adopt, my dad left 2 puppies whom he named as “Dogie” and “Douglas”. Dogie was given to my youngest brother but didn’t last because he was hit by a car outside our house. Douglas on the other hand remained in our shelter until he grew. But sadly, due to some well I really don’t know what happened we’ve just found him lying on my mom’s plant bed dead. Since then, we never had dog in our house. Just recently, if you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve bought a dog, his name is “Gambit” though I really wanna keep him in our house no one will take care of him because no one really stays in the house because everyone of us leaves for work and school everyday so I decided to keep him on my boyfriend’s house.

I subscribed to Saab Magalona’s mailing list. A minute earlier when I opened my mail I saw one of her post about “dogs”. Shocked about what I’ve read and I quote “When the Pasig City Pound catches a stray dog and nobody claims it, they put it to sleep. If you are not familiar with that phrase, it’s code for (sorry for the bluntness) killing the dog.”

10 Days to Make a Difference. It is a project started by Maxine Dimanlig when they adopt a stray dog that ended up in a dog pound. Kindly visit this site and adopt a dog.

We have until tomorrow to save them. If you can’t adopt one at least share this post to your friends we might not know someone wants to adopt a dog.


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  1. There are lots of dogs that are unwanted anywhere. But what gets me is when people over there kills and eats dogs. Just so wrong.


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  3. This is so nice. Dogs are really precious. Sometimes, they're even better than humans! I can't believe there are people who actually kills and just do unimaginable things to them... I wish I could adopt a dog, but like you, I can't cause I'm in college. :(

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    Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated <3
    Angel x

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  5. This is a great post! "Make a difference", explains it all :)



Thanks for the wonderful message!