BootCamp O'Goodies

by - Friday, March 15, 2013

It's been a while or rather long time since I have a haul post, its not that I don't have any hauls for the last couple of months, its just no time to really take a picture and post it. I'll be updating my haul post soon. But for now, let's start with these boots. I'm actually a huge boot fan. Currently added on my boots are these two! I've always want to buy boots on this online shop "Boots Xhop" but not get a chance, or should I say nothing 'really' fancy my eyes and since I'm not seeing it personally. But when I brows their online shoppe last Monday(March 11) I saw they have a bunch of great boots available and ready to ship and on much cheaper price! Especially when I saw this black steve madden shoes for only 600 pesos And since my other used/abused brown boots needed a rest and its my favorite I bought a brown one again that cost 500 pesos I don't hesitate to buy both. That'll be 88usd. Such a steal right? :)) . If you want a cheaper, affordable yet fashionable boots just drop by their facebook account and see for yourself. What do you think guys of my new boots? :)

My favorite quote about shoes:

“Mama always said you could tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.” – Forrest Gump


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  1. booties!!! i love it! :)

  2. I love boots! I need some brown ones too... hmmmm lol

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  3. Cute blog hun! Love your style :)

    Would you like to follow each other on gfc? xo

  4. I love the black one!
    I'm following is your turn!!!!
    See you soon....

  5. Thanks for invintation to follow I follow you N 329 here

  6. Of course I would like to follow each other, and I just did :) waiting for you!

  7. Such a cute blog!:) Would you mind checking out my blog & if you like, following each other via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  8. molto belli quelli marroni!
    se ti va passa a trovarmi:

  9. Those are really cool booties! I love!

    Thank for visiting my blog by the way. Followed you on Bloglovin <3

    xx Daphne of

  10. I LOVE THE BOOTS!!!!! (:

  11. Nice shoes. like your blog!Would love to follow each other!
    Just follow and leave a comment.
    I alway's follow back!

  12. sure follow my blog and i will follow yours back

  13. I love how the studs are placed on the black boots. I'm a new follower. Hope you check out mine too. :)

  14. Foreign to my blog, that cute!

    I love the boots, and the quote also

  15. lovee the boots! theyre so cute! thanks so much for following me :) im following you back! ;D

  16. hey,i'm your new follower! waiting for you to follow me back xx

  17. I love the shoes! They are adorable (:

  18. nice booties

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  20. thx for the comment on my blog!
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  21. I wasn't really into boots but I got a few. Booties yes, I must have! Yey! :)

    Hope you can visit me again dear Ellie :)
    And since Google Reader is retiring by July 1, 2013; we might no't be able to keep up with each other's feeds via reading list / GFC when the time comes I guess (I really dunno if GFC's going too but just to be safe lah~).
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    Let me know if there are other platforms you want dear. Keep in touch! (^_^) Happy weekend!

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  23. Great blog! I'm following you!! thanks for your comment at mine!! would you like to follow each other!?


  24. Love the boots!

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  25. I'm a fan of boots too but I don't get to wear them all the time here in the Philippines. I get a bit conscious when people stare at you like magnets when you're wearing boots. :\ I only enjoy wearing them when I'm in Aus. I love your boots! Nice items you got for affordable prices. Will check their shop. Also, I love that quote you put there. There is also this one quote I always say when it comes to shoes, I got it from a korean novela I just forget where.

    "Beautiful shoes can take you to beautiful places"


    Genzel Kisses

  26. Hi!! :)
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