UP FAIR 2012 presents HIMIGsikan

by - Monday, February 27, 2012

February 18, 2012
Indeed, a muddy UP Fair.
With Jhec, Jean, and Jhem.
Thank you to my dearest Ate dahil easy pass kami. :)

Had a blast this night. I love all the bands na tumugtog especially Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Gloc9, Giniling Festival, UP Dharma Down, Typecast, Urbandub,Moonstar88 and many more.

Too bad I'm feeling really weak, because the night before I came from an overnight at my college friends house and I only slept 1 and half hours that during UP Fair we weren't able to wait for Franco and Chicosci. Right after kamikazee we decided to go home.

We're home before 5 in the morning.

Wasted and lame shots, too many people, too muddy, but I really enjoy it. Taon-taon ng panata ang manood sa UP Fair, see you at UP Fair 2013! :)

Let the picture says it all. :)

Jhec and Jhem. I'm so thankful because both of them made it though it late notice already.  I only asked them the day before and to think Jhec lives in Batangas, too far from Manila. Thank you mga labidabs! :D

With Mardie. Akala ko pati sya hindi na din makakapunta, pero last minute ayun nagetxt pupunta pa din daw sya.


the concert stage. See the packs of people there? 

Muddy indeed. Look at my shoes! To think na I just bought it for the fair. :p

My ate's oxford shoes. Muddy too! :D


look! :p

My outfit that night. Look who's on my back!! grr ate!! haha!

See how my ate ruin again my solo shot! Look at his foot! hahah!
tired :-/

with onee-chan! blurry shot. after we eat at Jollibee Philcoa :p

sorry for the lame pixel of my camera, its 14mp but I don't know what happened. That's Parokya ni Edgar playing "Para Sayo"

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