My feet goes to Baguio - Day 1

by - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

January 21-24 2012.

My friend edzs once told me about him going to Baguio last month. Our friends is actually planning to go to Baguio this February for Flower Festival and stay at Edzs aunt house. But since her aunt will go to Manila for her internship for College (yeah, her aunt is younger than us ;p) he decided to go before she goes to Manila.

I need to unwind. I need to go far away. Personal matters. Si I asked edzs if I can go with him to Baguio, since I never had a chance to go there, not that I remember. I'm so happy he agrees and then we plan the dates. It's just the start of the last term (we're on trimester) so one absent wouldn't hurt that much. I'm planning not to attend my Saturday class but since its my title defense for our thesis that day I asked Edzs if we can leave after that, he agrees. 

The day before the trip we already bought foods and decided to pack a meal for our dinner so we will not buy at the bus station anymore.

The bus leaves at 7:30, by that time we already ate our dinner, I was so hungry because I was so tires and wasn't able to eat at the school the whole day. 

It's actually more, I wasn't able to take a great pic because we were eating our dinner. :D tocino overload. :D

It was a long ride and we arrive at dawn around 3 in the morning.

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