Stand-Up Paddle Experience

by - Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I was searching over google on what to do at Bohol aside from the usual activities there is. Good thing I came across this website that offers an exciting way to admire the beauty of Loboc River. The SUP Tours Philippines

I did not hesitate and book right away. I am a no-swimmer. So this activity will be a challenge for me. Aside from the fact that I am doing this alone on my solo trip to Bohol.

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I decided to book early to reserve the time I want and to take advantage of the good weather early in the morning as the sun is not on peak yet. The earliest is 8 am. I am just doing this for an hour, but anyone who wish to do it half-day or even for the whole day you may do so for they are also offering said package. They also have night paddling while firefly watching. But I still have more landmarks to visit so I only book their 1 hour session. Just to experience this exciting and one-of-a-kind and definitely new activity here in the Philippines.

I paid online through their bank account and I’m on set. For only 800 pesos I get a lesson and a paddling tour at Loboc River and a fresh whole buko juice after the activity. All I need to do is go straight to their resort and bring with me the official receipt (though they did not asked for it anymore on the day itself) Anyway, I did emailed and informed them about my reservation.

But if you are still not yet decided whether you like to try their SUP you can always go to their resort directly. All the other groups same on my date and time were just walk-in. I asked my guide if how many person they can accommodate, he told me that as there is available board. Didn’t really ask how many, but I remember him mentioning about this group about 20 pax.

I am so excited to do this activity. Preparation for any activity is important. Preparing yourself for the said activity gives you enough courage not be afraid of it. As I’ve mentioned, I am no-swimmer, the chance of falling from the paddle and be drowned crosses my mind of cours but they offere life-vest and I’m pretty much sure I will float with that. But then again, caution and extra careful is still necessary for any activity.

Finally, last Sunday, February 27, 2016, I woke up as early aas 6 am to prepare, plus I still need enough time to find their place. I thought it was just around the corner but when I wasn’t to find them I immediately called their landline and ask fro the direction. The lady behind the phone was kind enough to assist me. She told me ride a jeepney or bus and get off at the first Petron gas station. From where I am staying (Stefanie Grace Inn) near the Loboc ruins, there is a terminal at the foot bridge that goes to Tagbilaran, same way where I am heading. I ask one lady on the jeepney where Petron gas station is. She did not just answered me but she even made the call for stop on where I am getting off. Surprisinlgy, the gas station is just a few meters away from the terminal.

From Petron gas station, there are signage and directions going to SUP Tours Philippines. Just a few more walks and you will see their logo with their name SUP Tours Philippines. The staff are all friendly and accommodating, even the owners are very hands-on. It was when we are paddling that I learned that the woman from back at the resort who also followed and make sure every guest was given a proper guidelines happen to be one of the owner.

Before they will let you board the paddle, there are papers that need to be read carefully to understand more SUP Tours Philippines and their advocacy and esp their terms and policies, a precaution and what to expect while paddling (extremities) and will ask you to sign the waiver at the back of the page and you will have to include your allergies and any other medical conditions in relation or contact to water and anything related to it.

And you are set! All of their  instructors and even the owners are ASI Certified SUP, so no worries or anything. Its probably one of the so many activities I did that I will be doing repeatedly again. 

If you are interested you can visit their site and book your Stand Up Paddle adventure

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  1. Ellie, you are adventuresome... I am pretty sure my balance is not good enough to do this... I can barely stand on a balance beam these days... on a moving item in the water, I am sure I would fall... it would be a great way to learn my balance... xoxo

  2. this post is so lovely and the pics are so mesmerizing..

  3. What a lovely post! I can see you are very good at it, well done!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun :)) x


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