Pinto Art Museum of Antipolo Rizal

by - Monday, March 14, 2016

I’ve seen beautiful photos from my friends that they are using as their Profile pictures on Facebook and it was circulating many other social media sites like twitter and Instagram which I am very active too. Looking at the photos, different ones, it seems like it was on the same place. And it did, one close friend of mine posted about it as her cover photo and the canvass is so amazing so I asked her where it is and she told me that it’s the Pinto Art Museum of Antipolo Rizal.

It takes months before we visit the place. We decided to visit it the same time the Higantes Festival will take place and it falls on the month of November. We booked for a night and countdown begins to our museum escapade.

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How to Go There
Getting to Pinto Art Museum is easy. If you are coming from Manila, ride a bus or jeepneys going to Sta. Lucia mall. From there, catch another jeepney or take a cab and ask the river to drop you at Pinto Art Museum.

Entrance Fee?
Regular Ticket – 180 pesos
Senior Citizen – 150 pesos
Students with ID – 100 pesos
3 yrs. old below is FREE
Price is as of November 2015

No FOOD, PETS, and CHANGING CLOTHES allowed inside the museum.

Where To Eat?
There is a restaurant inside the museum but the price is costly for us so we ate outside at the highway

Roaming around the entire museum will take you half day only. That includes a lot of photo session already. If you are a fan of paintings this is a good place for you to visit. They take pride of their own by opening to the public the works of well-known and very talented Filipino artist from generation to now.

It’s a quick destination and bonding time not just with friends but as well as families and students too.

Below are some of the raw photos taken inside the museum.

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  1. It is always interesting to visiting museums & art galleries!

  2. I really love museums like these (so much history and fun)!
    Thank you for sharing the details. :)


  3. Beautiful museum and pics - thanks for sharing!


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