Daranak Falls: The Only Fall That Doesn’t Hurt

by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Okay, ma-fall ka na daw sa falls wag lang sa pa-fall. HAHA!

When we planned the Pinto Art Museum and Higantes Festival, I told my friends that to make most of our time at Rizal we can visit nearby attractions. And I am dying to see a falls. I never saw one, none that I remember.

Daranak Falls is one on the list. When we reach the resort where we will be staying, we rest for a while and change clothes and head on to Tanay Rizal. We stayed at Angono, where Higantes Festival is. From Angono, we ride a jeepney bound to Tanay and get off at the terminal where we are boarding a tricycle that will take us to Daranak Falls.

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It was late in the afternoon when we reach Daranak Falls. Almost five in the afternoon and upon paying the entrance tickets we were told that swimming is no longer allowed at that time since they are allowing people to swim until 5:30 pm. But who says we can’t make most of the remaining time? We still change to swimming clothes and enjoy the cold water falls!

Seeing a falls face to face and that huge is a dream come true! And I don’t plan it to be my last falls. The falls is so huge and it covers most of one side of the rock or whatever you called that. And it fall directly to where people are swimming, though we weren’t able to experience swimming there because we don’t have any place for our valuable things. So we just admire from where we are standing with a small falls a few walks from us, and we enjoy the water from there.

It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. The cold water dropping on my back as it washes the restless pain I’ve got inside of me. It was so refreshing! After a great bath at the falls we fix ourselves and head home.

First time to experience waterfalls at Daranak Falls dated November 21, 2015 is an official entry to my 81 before 30 challenge.

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  1. Amazing photo ang place <3


  2. Daranak Falls are beautiful Ellie... I had a chance one time when I traveled to Oregon in the USA... I went for hike around a place called Silver Falls that had 7 gorgeous water falls xox


Thanks for the wonderful message!