That Mustard Scarf, Though

by - Thursday, October 22, 2015

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I really wanted to post something about fall. Though, our country doesn't experienced such weather I incorporate fall color on my outfit just to feel the vibe of it somehow. What do you think?

Earlier marks my first day in my new work. It was nearer than my hometown but still I decided to stay at Makati, in the apartment where my sister lives. Staying at my sister's place will let me save more since I will not consume much on transportation fair.

Initially, my first day was scheduled on October 26, that is next week, but they called me the other day and told me that there has been changes and asked me if I can start immediately. I said yes. I don't have anything to do and I just wanted to start already.

This coming weekend I'll be attending two parties! This Saturday I will be a godmother to a pretty boy and will be attending a birthday party on Sunday. Sounds lots of food! :D

Anyway, I will be busy again. But I already did some scheduled post so that my blog will not be MIA like before. Plus, this coming December, my dad will be going home from overseas work and I asked him to buy me a laptop so I will have, finally, my own laptop that I will be bringing with me in the apartment so I can continue writing here on my blog. And of course, reading yours!

Hope everyone is having a blast this week!

"You said to wait for you. But I can not wait forever, can I? You said you'll be coming back for me and me alone. But where are you now? You said you love me and only me. But your action speaks different."

With so much love, Ellie

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  1. Nice scarf, like the way you have styled it.

  2. Sweet hat!

    Perfect look

  3. Ellie, congratulations on starting the job earlier, I hope it goes well xox ... you look great with the pop of mustard scarf... it is a wonderful Fall color xox

  4. U look so cute

  5. You look adorable, love the hat and scarf gives it a nice touch to your look.

  6. You look so pretty !

  7. Great post dear! Have a nice day:)

  8. the scarf really makes the outfit colorful <3 nice choice!


  9. cool look <3

  10. That colour suits so well ;)
    The entrance of the building in your photos is fantastic.

  11. NICE outfit, dear.
    I am following your blog via Bloglovin, Facebook, GFC and G+.I hope you followed me back, so I leave you my blog url:

  12. stunning,greatpairing
    I love the shoes


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