Navy Blue Dress From Uniqlo

by - Friday, July 24, 2015

I've been hauling a lot at thrift shop since I started working at the office where they only allow wearing business casual to formal dresses only. Since, I don't have enough budget for expensive dress and I am such a fan of thrift shop that's where I headed. And I've got so many for the price of one at malls. And one of them is this. That happens to be from uniqlo! Such a steal actually.

Dress Uniqlo | Boots kittychullishop


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  1. You look lovely dear!

    Please join the giveaway on my blog

  2. The dress is beautiful! And you look so glam in this outfit too :)

  3. ahhh you look so pretty in your Uniqlo Navy dress. I love Navy colour and I am sure that this dress would suit me. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Liuba x

  4. Ellie, this is a really cute dress... it looks sweet on you♡

    Thank you for you kind words when you messaged me, I really appreciate it xox


Thanks for the wonderful message!