Ready for Valentine's Day?

by - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Only weeks from now before February 14. Do you have any plans for that day? If you would ask me, I don't have any. I don't really celebrate it except with my family or friends. Actually my friends are planning to have a Team Friday Valentines Day. Whichever celebration I'll be going I really wanted to look fab and gorg. haha! Who wouldn't anyway?

Red is my lucky color or should I say one of my favorite color. And once a lady is wearing red dress I guarantee a turning-head all the time whenever she passes or walk by. I know it has been tradition to wear something red during Valentines Day. Mainly for the reason of the red heart I guess. And if you are planning to wear something red too on that day and doesn't have any at this time and don't have time looking and go shopping at the mall, I am gladly announcing that Modcloth is having a 20% off on their Most-Loved Styles

Modcloth has been so generous for always having a sale on their lovely items! I myself go gaga over their dress. They have a variety of dress to choose from.

Most Loved Sale
Celebrate Valentine's Day & get 20% off ModCloth's most-loved styles! 
Starts: Today! January 20th, 
Ends: Friday January 4th,1/24 10am PT

Get ready for Valentine's Day today! ModCloth just launched their Most Loved Sale. You can get 20% off their most loved dresses, accessories, tops and more! Here are a few of my favorite pieces,they also have some really cute plus size clothes too, so go shop your little heart out, you're worth it!

Barcelona Balcony Dress from ModClothAisle Be There Dress in Rose from ModClothThe Evening Unfolds Dress in Red from ModClothRaspberry Iced Tea Dress from ModClothRefine Mint Dress in Peppermint Red from ModCloth

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