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by - Saturday, January 18, 2014

I remember, I went to 3 Prom nights in my life way back grade school and highschool. In our school, during your grade school, if you are in grade 5 and grade 6(Philippines has different school program), you have this Soiree, it's like schools' version of prom but for elementary.  You get to attend prom not just one but more in your life! Exciting right? But imagine a grade 5 student wearing prom dresses? ugh, wait, during our time, well it was 90s and young as we are we settle for just a simple dress, since its soiree, a night party just to enjoy the music and food and companionship of everyone. But when we reach grade 6, I was able to prepare since it's our last year as elementary, my mom had me to choose what to wear on that night, go to tailor and voila, I even won Best in Formal Attire and Ms. Soiree.

Prom in our school is always for Juniors and Seniors. During my time we only had our prom during Junior days, since cost cutting occur during our Senior year. I didn't won any award but that's okay, you don't go attend for award anyway, I get to enjoy the food, the music, and the dance floor with my awesome friends. Plus, we had it during February 14 so love love love is in the air. haha! 

The experience Prom gives me that makes me reminisce is the preparation, the giggling with girls on what to wear on that night, what your hairstyle would be, what shoes you'll wear. And of course, who you're going to be with that night. And for the record? we don't get to choose our pair! It's funny in our school, because the teachers will have us fall in line and whoever corresponds the line with the boys is your partner! haha! There are a lot of funny memories during the preparations upto the day of the prom. And me and my friends always had a good laugh when we remember those. 

So I know the feeling on having those prom night, I know the itchy feeling. I know everyone of us especially the girls will look beautiful that every guy or every people in there will remember. It's a night of glamour and fantasy. but before the big night, I know the feeling if your time is ticking and still you have nothing to wear. 

If you are still in dilemma on what to wear on coming Prom night worry no more because Persun got it cover for you, and what's even more exciting is that they're on sale! Going over their site makes me gaga and wanted to attend Prom again and with these lovely and awesome style to choose from? Oh, we don't have this kind of designs way abck 2003! haha! 

Here are some of the glamorous prom dresses that catches my eyes: 

(PersunMallThe hottest 2014 prom dresses are at PersunMall. We always try our best to provide quality dresses with a variety of styles and colors, to help you stand out from crowd. From long vintage prom dresses to enthusiasm red ones, we have them all! For those who can’t find the dress of their dreams in the size that they need, we are able to customize the prom dress for them.

If you're not a fan of long dresses and cocktail dresse are your bet, PersunMall have a variety of those to choose from.  Chic&Unique. Discount Cocktail Dresses Here.

Here are some of my favorites for cocktail dresses:

And remember, if you can't find your fit, Persun can make customize dress for you.   Sexy as You Are, Choose Our Fabulous Evening Dresses.

Hope I get to help you choose what to wear on your Prom night! Wanna hear your thoughts here.



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