RIP Paul Walker

by - Sunday, December 01, 2013

I still can't believe this. Paul Walker bid goodbye. He is one of my favorite actor. Probably because I've been into Fast and Furious ever since the first movie. Got hooked. Love all the character until Furious 6. And gotta love em even more on F&F7 but I don't know if they're done shooting the film. I just don't know what will happen to it. Who will be Dom's partner racing to the fastest car? No one can replace him! No one can! Nobody!

I learned the news on twitter, I don't know if I'm going to believe it or what. There has been a lot of death hoax everywhere with various artist so this can be one of those. I'm still thinking upto now this is still a hoax. But then reality set in and yeah he's already dead. Dead from a car crash! Report says he's a passenger of that car. I really don't know much of the details.

I know its selfish to say what about the movie now? But its more of what about his daughter now his family.

This is really a big loss. :(

And I am not believing it still. No.

I guess I'm that fan huh.

You'll forver be in our hearts Brian O'conner! May you Rest In Peace, man! 

My condolences goes to the Family, esp to his daughter, and to the fans who are all in deep grief and disbelief of this news.

Wht a way to start December 1.

Heartbreaking it is. 💔


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  1. I heard it too just a moment ago and it is very sad. They said the brakes were not functioning, the car hit the tree and the car exploded. I'm not sure if those details were true though :'( really heart breaking..

  2. Aww so sad about this. :)

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  3. I feel the same had watch Fast & Furious from day one you absolutely correct no one could take his place in that movie it will never be the same. My prayers go out to his family and friends I have to keep thinking he is one more angel the lord gain.

  4. was so sad to hear to this news too. he was at a charity event for Yolanda victims before the accident happened :(

  5. Sad day in the whole world. We just can't take life for granted.


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