DIY tips for organizing your eyeglasses

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

            Many of the people who use eyeglasses, but also sunglasses tend to buy lots of pairs which can sometimes get lost in your house. In order to avoid this, there are certain tips you can use in order to stop yourself from losing your eyeglasses, but also to keep your pairs looking tidy and well-organized.

You’ll want to choose a tip which will also keep your glasses safe from any damage they can get while placed in dangerous places. Together with this, you’ll also learn how to keep them in accessible places, where you can take them from any time during the day in order to look your absolute best when going out.

You can organize your glasses very nicely with a simple platter or tray. These can be bought from almost any market places, but there are high chances that you might already have a few in your house. This is a pretty good method, as it will keep all of your glasses together, on a table, or drawer without any danger of them falling and breaking. Together with this, you can also add a few ornaments on your tray in order to make it look even better!

There are different types of glasses for different face forms, so if you’d also like to keep your family’s or your friend’s eyeglasses somewhere, you’ll need a good way to tell the difference.

Many people do not realize how many uses a cloth hanger can have apart from its obvious ones. Having a hanger store your eyeglasses is an easy thing you can do in a couple of minutes. Your glasses will stay safe and look great while hanged. Together with this, you also have total freedom of deciding how you’d like your eyeglass hanger look like. Placing a few decorations in order to make it look better is an easy job anyone can do. 

Another DIY tip for organizing your eyeglasses may be placing them in a sunglass drawer. You can basically use any drawer big enough to support your sunglasses in order to organize them this way. Building an eyeglass drawer does not take a lot of work or a big investment. You’ll need a bit of plastic or carton to place in your drawer and you’re ready to go! If you do decide to place you eyeglasses in a drawer, you’ll be able to keep them safe, but also stop dust from building up. This is one of the most popular ideas people take into consideration when thinking of new DIY tips to store their eyeglasses. 

If you do not have enough eyeglasses to organize, you can always get yourself a new pair here.

Taste ranges from person to person, so it is not a bad idea to have your unique DIY project for storing eyeglasses. Some people prefer keeping them messy in a drawer while others love keeping their glasses well organized.

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