Swimwear! A Must Have!

by - Monday, June 17, 2013

I know summer is over here in the Philippines but I wanna show you guys the swimwear I used this summer. But let me warn you I don't have any picture wearing it, oh, well, I have but I still haven't guts to show it. :p

The photos are set from which is my first bought up to the last piece. What do you think guys? And oh, I really have a thing for polka-dots. :)

I just wanna say sorry for all the MIA thing my laptop's been broken for almost a month, I've got enough of things on my mind, got problems with my kidney and I won't elaborate more, my friend's Grandmother who acts as my own Grandmother too just died, and I'm still recovering from my sickness, got school stuff to patch up. But I'll definitely be back and on track here on my blog. I miss this. I miss the bloggerworld.


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  1. May your friend's grandma rest in peace ...

    I love the polka dot swimwear too. So cute :)

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  2. I hope your problems with my kidney is not very serious. I like your post! summer is done but I want to appeal to the weather coz I'm not swim yet hehe

  3. Amazing items!!))


Thanks for the wonderful message!