Accidentally Hitcher!

by - Saturday, June 22, 2013

Unexpected things do happen always. And this is one of those. Team Friday haven't got any luck having a summer getaway last summer for so many reasons I won't elaborate more. We, of course, understand each of those. Anyway, kind-heart Yang, whose one of my good friends ever since we were born (haha!) invite us to their outing with his Family whom actually act as our 2nd family already. It's Tita Cora's birthday and they will be celebrating it at the beach, it's at Ocean View Beach Resort Subic. We leave night before and of course we didn't leave without drinking so much tequila and colt 45! haha! We are that drinkers you know! SO anyway, here are the sets of photos from that getaway!

I'm still believing myself I remember this photo taken! hahaha!

Arrival sa beach!

Waiting to checkin. :))

Hallway of our room.

Room number!

They were that tired! haha! Sorry guys for taking this photo. :p I'm such you know what it is.

With the fambam! Thanks Enriquez Family for the awesome summer getaway!

With mi friends. :))

Group shot!

With mi girls. :)

Mother-Son! Thank you tita and yang!

One of the coolest and nicest and kindest people I've met in my life! Seriously, they're like my real mom and dad and that's lola! So blessed I've met them and be part of their lives. <3

These are the two photos I love love so much! It defines we're really having fun!!! :D

play time! that's how ecai roll. haha!

Edzs' hair! Erica did this. <3

Me and Edzs shades!

Ocean shot!

Ocean shot!

that's us! enjoying the beach! haha!

Ooh! How I miss this place so much!

Me and Edzs again!

Like a child playing on the sand!

yet again haha!

ansabe ng pageemote dude? haha!

Beautiful place!

Me and Cez!

Kami po ulit! haha!

Waiting for the sun to set <3 One of the precious moments!

Loving this shot. Too bad my cam is so dirty :( is there anyone knows how to fix it? it costs too much going to center :(

There's the sun!!

Magnificent, isn't?

I so love the nature. <3

In love!!

There you go! My 2nd summer outing. There's more, our Mindoro trip! I'll be posting maybe 3 or 4 posts to it including the budget thingy we did on the trip! Yess! I'm that mature to budget my money. haha!

Anyway, thank you, Enriquez family, really, for this one of a kind experience! Love love your family!


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