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by - Monday, February 11, 2013

You You Xue


Daily You You


I'm a 13 years old Chinese girl from Hungary. I really love art,photography,travelling,fashion,and a lot of other things.My blog is about my life,fashion,DIY ideas,and everything I'm crazy about. :)

Well,I started blogging when I was 9 years old. That was a personal blog,so about my thoughts,etc. Then I stopped blogging,but after a big break,I created a Tumblr account,and had a microblog there...I started this blog in November 2012,and decided to start a blog about fashion,photography,and a little bit about me... :)

I named my Tumblr blog Daily You You.That's because I posted there everyday things every day. :) Well,my blog has moved,but the name is the same.

My blog's name is the same as my URL. :)

I use Blogger. I heard about it earlier,when I was using a Tumblr platform,but I needed time to start a new blog. I love it because I can customize it easily,and because it has everything what a blogger needs. :)

I usually go to art lessons,I have started it about 5 years ago. :) I also do athletics,and I'm learning German language. :)

Well,maybe taking photos of my outfit. :D Earlier I had some problems with that,but my friends always help me,anyway I think I need a better camera...>.<

Sometimes I;m just thinking,and a good idea comes in my mind.I usually post them in INSTASTUFF posts,that's the post where I write about my new ideas,it's the "news" post. :D

I was never tired of blogging,I really like that,but I think I need more confidence...As I'm a starter,I have fails sometimes...:D But I think everyone has started somehow. :)

I had one in my life,when I had a Tumblr account.My Tumblr was the place where I wrote my problems,but people sometimes didn't get what I wanted to say,and a girl absolutely misunderstood my post,and wrote some words what really hurted...Anyway,I think in that minute,you feel like it's the end,but later you'll realize that you mustn't care about it,be yourself,and never gice up your dreams just because of some haters.

Well,I think the keywords are be yourself and stay confident.I think it's important too,to be communicative.So,be yourself,and don't think that you always have to be like others.

I'm trying to make better photos,and I always write some words if I post.I think it is important to be friendly and communicative.

Yes,brighter photos,what means a better camera. >.< Anyway I don't really have goals with how many members I want,or anything,I just blog,post,adn enjoy this. :)

I have loads of blogs what I like,such as Marianna Mäkelä's blog,Mariannan,that was the first fashion and lifestyle blog what I started to read,and I also like Alexa Dagmar,Kayture,iEmmaFashion,Bikira Blog,and a lot of others!

Don't hesitate if you want to start a blog! Write about what you like,always STAY yourself,and be confident.Post when you feel like it,and not because you think that you "must post",because great things are created when you really love what you're doing.

I'm supposed to post this before I leave earlier but I really run out of time since it's my first day at the company but we just have the orientation for today. Actually, featured blogger should be posted yesterday, Sunday 9am Philippine time, but I've been into so many errands for the last day of my free time. But, here it is, our featured blogger.

I personally admire You's fashion. Go check her blog you'll find something more interesting. :)

Valentines day is coming! Do you have a date on that day? Me? nah! :\


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