Break On Through

by - Thursday, February 07, 2013

Valentines is in the air. Really? :p I have never celebrate Valentines day with special someone since I started having a boyfriend. For my past relationships there's no happenings during that day. What I have then is a Valentines day celebration with my friends and my family. Usually a pre-Valentines day celebration with friends, some beer and food will do. I don't know when it started but all I know is that my mom is cooking or ordering pizza during Valentines day. Be it a pre or post Valentines celeb I do have one but not with special someone.

Last week, me and my boyfriend were talking about this day. We're planning to go out or at least see each other that day. If it will happen, that'll be the first. But given the circumstances, me having my internship that day from 9am-6pm and him living far enough from my place I don't think such event will happen. But still fingers-cross! Anyway, whatever it is, (o'cmon! I'm still making myself believe that its okay, haha!) let's just go with the flow. I really wanted to be with him, that's all. I hope we could figure that out.

Moreover, about this polyvore set, I've made this set last year, it's just now when I browse my files and saw this and Valentines day pop on my mind. I really wanted to have something similar above especially the top and the shoes. As for the shoes, I know I got some nerve to wear it but for the top, uh-oh operation tummy-flat-first! Haha! When I say I'm fat people will give me that "look" I don't know but I'm kinda talking about my belly and not my whole body :p I do run and exercise and all but eating is a disorder of mine!! Hahahah! okay, I know that's funny and over. But sooner, I'll be wearing those and will definitely show it to you guys! Well for me, the set above can be worn during Valentines day, be it with your Family, Friends, or special someone.

So, any plans on Valentines Day? Just always remember, Valentines Day can happen everyday. It's just a matte on how you live it.


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  1. Great choices!!! Lovely summer outfit!


  2. Love your picks! :)

    xx MJ

  3. Hi dear, you've done such a splendid task of styling this pretty and cute summer look!Thanks for your kind words over at mine. Have a wonderful weekend hun!


Thanks for the wonderful message!