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by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

Taylor Doucette


When I'm Older


I have always been into fashion and makeup. But over the years, my style has been changing and this blog is my way of tracking those changes.

I started my blog as a way to keep track of my favorite looks and use it as a form of inspiration for creating new outfits.

My blog url, When-im-older, encompasses all the things that I'll buy when I'm older. There are too many restrictions on what I can wear now as I am in high school, one of the most judgmental places.

When I'm Older, I'll be able to wear what I want.

I use tumblr.

When I'm not blogging, I am studying and doing homework as I am in my final year in high school. During my free time, I hang out with my friends and of course, I go shopping.

It's definitely challenging to answer hate mail. Most of the messages I get are very nice and complimenting but sometimes, I'll get a message that is not nice at all. I have to keep remembering all the good things people say to me and not concentrate on those few bad things.

I usually pull inspiration from nature around me. I feel like the weather and seasons always affects what I am wearing, so thus, it affects my content.

Most of the time, I love to blog but there are days when I just want to concentrate on school and wish I didn't have this blog.

As I said above, I do receive hate comments on my blog. These are tough to receive but also, it shows me that maybe these people are just mean to me because they are jealous of how much my blog has grown. I try to reply to them in a positive way and not let them make me angry.

I promote my blog by adding tags to my pictures so when people search up these tags, they can see my blog.

My blogging style is mostly girly pictures with a variety of jewelry, street style, makeup and nail art thrown in.

I have always dreamed about being featured in a magazine. I know this is a far fetched goal, but hopefully I'll be able to achieve it one day.

I am a huge fan of Kayture. Both her and her blog are stunning and I feel she has accomplished so much in the blogging world.

I would definitely recommend for everyone to start their own blog. Just persevere and don't worry if your blog isn't popular at first! Just stick with it and let your passion show!

Here are some of Taylor's amazing style



More of her great style? Visit her website now. 

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  6. Lovely interview, she has such pretty style and sounds like a really wonderful personality!

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