Tres Isla, Island Hopping In Siargao

by - Tuesday, November 28, 2017

During the planning stage of my Siargao trip, I only listed this island hopping as my activity for I will be going there alone. And the plan is to rent a boat for myself. The chance of meeting people to share with is in my head but of course I don't want to cling on the thought for I don't want to disappoint myself plus I set a budget on my trip.

When I arrive in Siargao, all my plans changed and I'm glad it did because I was able to visit most of the island's best spots and that is because I met a lot of people back in the hostel and together we visits those amazing and Siargao's best!

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Our first stop is the one they called "Tres Isla" this is visiting the three beautiful islands near boulevard and as its jump off.

We started late that day at around 10 am. When our contact fetch us we headed to wet market to buy more foods for our island hopping.We are allowed to bring uncooked foods and have it cooked by the locals at one of the island. After gathering everything we think we need on our trip and don't minding the heat of the sun off we go our first stop : Naked Island.

The sun was on its peak. It was around 11 in the morning when we reached the first island. It was so called Naked Island simply because it was bare, it was naked. No trees, no shed, just the entire white sandy island in the middle of nowhere. There were approximately two groups during that time, us and the couple. The two brave team who strut under the heat of the sun. We don't mind actually, we just pose and pose and swim and swim and pose and swim. Pictures is life, guys. HAHA!

Baking time at Naked Island

The heat of the sun plus empty stomach we decided to head to the second island: Daku Island. Getting there didn't take so much time and in just minutes we are alighting the boat again. We then arrange the food and chose the cottage we want to stay. We are so tired, I guess maybe because of the heat also that while waiting for the food, instead of doing swimming or play on the sand we just sit in our cottage and when the food arrives we feast ourselves with lotsa grilled food and fresh fruits!

I really fell in love with Daku Island that I decided to take a quick dip in the water and then we head to our last island. Because as per them the last one is the most amazing of the three. I felt sad because I really love the island already.

We head to our last destination. But I guess we all have different take on the beach. Guyam Island didn't impress me much like of Daku. And my experience from swimming adds to me not liking the island. There are poop in the water while we are swimming. Some says it is probably from kids who can't control their tummy. We are in an island so the best way to do is that the Parents should take care of this, I mean, bringing paper or anything and then bring it back to main island where you can dispose it properly.

If you are heading to Siargao and you are non-surfer, this is one of the best spot for you so don't miss out this beautiful islands in Siargao!

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