Tineg and Abra River of Abra

by - Monday, August 01, 2016

If you go deeper into Abra’s attractions you’ll learn that they offer a number of list and really a day trip is not enough to visit all.

When we visit Tugot ni Angalo at San Quintin I notice that the road we’ve taken are full of pebbles esp the part near the river. Out of curiosity, I asked the driver if this certain spot that we are walking right now used to be some form of body water before and he actually said yes. He told us that during this month (March) some of their body of water like river, falls, and the like dried up.

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Amaze on what I am seeing before the foot prints of Angalo, again, I asked the driver what is this river before us. According to him, it is the Tineg River. As per some research some call it the Abra River. But as I go deeper into my research, it is said to be a tributary of Abra River. Regardless, both offers a great view with a mountains on its background.

During our visit, some of the locals were swimming on the river, and some tourists make their way near it with their cars and do some dipping in the river too. There are some cottages near the river if you want to take a rest and just enjoy the view.

There is more to Abra than Tugot Ni Angalo, Tangadan Tunnel, Bangued Cathedral, Abra River, and Tineg River. Too bad, that it’s the dry season when we visit that we missed to see a falls from their province, where they have a number of falls to choose from.

How to get there: At Abra, asked a driver of tricycle or jeepney to get you to San Quintin.

Other attractions you might want to try (this is also on my list but no time anymore, probably when I go back this year)
  • ·         Sayoyong Rice Terraces at Tubo
  • ·         Sabnangan Foot Bridge at Luba
  • ·         Brillantes Ancestral House at Tayum
  • ·         St. Catherine of Alexandria Chruch at Tayum
  • ·         Banagan River at Malibcong
  • ·         Sapilang Falls at Bangued
  • ·         Old Pidigan Church at Pidigan
  • ·         La Paz Parish Church at La Paz
  • ·         San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine at Bangued
  • ·         Carino Museum at Tayum
  • ·         Manabo Irrigation Project Man Made Pool at Manabo
  • ·         Cassamata Hill National Park Victoria Park at Bangued
  • ·         Sallapadan Rice Terraces at Sallapadan
  • ·         Libtect Underground River at Dolores
  • ·         Sto. Tomas Cave at Manabo
  • ·         Tubong Falls at Licuaan-Baay
  • ·         Mt. Patoc at Licuaan-Baay
  • ·         Quiling Crystal Cave at Dolores
  • ·         Lipit Cascades at Danglas
  • ·         Nagaparan Waterfalls at Danglas
  • ·         Guano Cave at San Juan
  • ·         Roces Cave at Bucay
  • ·         Mapaso Hot Spring at Danglas
  • ·         Ikmen River at Boliney
  • ·         Lobot Eco Park at San Juan
  • ·         Sinublan and Sinminublan Falls at San Juan
  • ·         Panaclisan Falls at Licuaan-Baay
  • ·         Sinmimbaan Cascades and Sinmimbaan Eco-Adventure Trail at Dolores
  • ·         Immitlog Hill at Dolores
  • ·         Borokibok Spring Resort at Bucay
  • ·         Anito Falls at Tineg
  • ·         Kimkimay Lake at Villaviciosa

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