Sagada 2015

by - Friday, February 26, 2016

It is one of the places I've been dying to visit since last year. It started when I heard of their bonfire festival that held every December of the year. Too bad no one wanta to be with me that time, I mean no one is available for that date so I left no choice but not to go. That time, I am not so capable of going to new place alone. I post it as my facebook status and my teacher from Highschool who happens to be my friend too read it and invited me if I wanted to join them since they are planning to visit Sagada too. Not on the date of the festival but on New Years day that will cover my birthday too. 

Some of our friends are going to but since it falls on a speciak holiday and inevitable things happen it ended up to be just me who will be joining my teacher and his friends.

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The plan is to leave by night of January 1 at 10pm from Cubao at Victory Liner. Going to Sagada, you need to go first to Baguio where you will going to ride another bus going to Sagada, unless you're going on a private car.

Since I'm no longer a student fair from Cubao to Baguio is 450 pesos. Me together with my teachers two friends left Manila around 10pm and arrive at Baguio I guess that's 4:00 - 4:30 am. Yep, Baguio is that far from Manila since it is located on the northern part of the country. We stayed for awhile waiting for three others.

It was very cold the time we arrive at Baguio. The fact that it is January and its dawn it adds on the cold weather. But really I enjoyed it since I seldom feel that kins of weather at Bulacan.

When we are finally complete, we headed to the bus station where we are going to take a bus going to Sagada. Pardon for forgetting the name but you may ask the taxi driver to bring you to the terminal going to Sagada. Upon arrival at the terminal there are already a queue of passengers going to Sagada. Later on, we found out that the first trip is 5:30 am and last trip is 11 or 11:30 am since travel time from Baguio to Sagada is almost 6 hrs also. I think the reason behind the time schedule is because the road to Sagada is a bit risky for vehicles at night. 

We left Baguio around 6 am and arrive at Sagada by lunch time. The plan is to check-in at St. Joseph's Inn but it is fully booked already. So we ended up at Sagada Guesthouse & Cafe instead. It was a very simple and feel-at-home vibe of place. The rate for two nights is 1000 for 2 person already. No electric fan of course because you wouldn't be needing it anyway. The guest house is very clean and you will be serving at least three blankets on your own bed. Yeah. That cold, huh.

We are dead hungry! Though there are 2 stops on our way to Sagada but real meal is a real deal. We eat on the first restaurant we bump into. The strawberry cafe. Sounds really tempting for me because I am really a fan of strawberries but I did not buy any strawberries there ha. :p The food is okay.

After we are full we then roam around the place. Our first stop is the Sagada Church Bell that is also the way going to one of the Sagada's famous of: The Hanging Coffin. We were not able to go inside the church since its close but we manage to take a photo outside, of course, souvenir.

Trivia about the Hanging Coffin:
My teacher, whose been in and out Sagada for so many times already learned the history of the place. He said that Hanging Coffin is an old tradition where old folks choose to be buried on a cliff.

We then explore the underground river after the hanging coffin experience but did not enter the cave going to another cave to exit since we're not clothes-ready.

After a sweaty forest adventure we are so hungry and decided to eat at one of the famous restaurant of the place. The Sagada Lemon Pie House is superb and a must try! You should put this on your list if you are planning to visit. The pie is so delicious you can really taste the purity of lemon as it melts in your mouth. It is so natural since they grew their own lemons there.

Did you know, that when we arrive at Sagada is actually my birthday and no one knows it? My teacher who happens to be my friend forget it but its no biggie for I don't want to be treated special that day. Being on the place and experiencing those things are more than enough for me. Comes dinner I forgot the place where we eat but we did order a small cake. 

The weather at night is much colder than any time of the day plus there's a light rain that adds up to the freezing feeling. Seriously, three blankets isn't enough.

The following day. My teacher happens to remember that yesterday was my birthday. They laugh at the idea because we at least bought a cake last night.

Second day is more fun than the first. We have the whole day to explore the place. The hardest part though is fighting the urge to take a bath because of the cold weather. But I still manage though.

We explore the rest of the Sagada. Going from cave to cave and seeing the beautiful place that God gave to them and the locals took great care of it. The best part of the whole day tour is going to Lake Danum. I can not imagine that I am seeing such a beauty like that. It is sureal. 

On our first day everyone wants to eat at Yoghurt House since its also a must try because they are making the yoghurt from scratch and plus I love strawberries and they say its their must try yoghurt. And they are not lying when they say it tastes ugrr really reallt good and I'll be eating their yoghurt everytime I'll visit the place.

Ofcourse our visit at Sagada will not be complete without some beer on our belly. After the delicious dinner is sipping some beer.

The following day marks our departure from the place. 

It was an awesome trip and would love to visit again and do all the things I wasn't able to do on my first visit.

This is an entry to my 80 before 30 challenge. Mt. Province, off the list.


Birthday at Sagada, Mountain Province dated last January 1-3, 2015 is an official entry to my 81 before 30 challenge.


eriitheexplorer ^^

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  1. Gorgeous photos!

  2. ganda! haven't been there... :(
    I will... soon... i hope. :D
    Keep in touch!

  3. Hi. Me and my sister will go there this January. However, my friend is discouraging me because the trip to Sagada was quite scary due to very stiff roads. Could be because of the cliff. Were you scared way back then? How was the actual trip from Baguio going to Sagada?

    1. to tell you honestly I don't know, sorry. Its because I am fast asleep the entire trip going to Sagada. We left Manila around 10 pm and arrive at Baguio at 4am to 4:30am then we go straight to the terminal and I am still sleepy. Though there were times when I wakeup just to found out in the window that we are at the cliff then goes back to sleep again. But I remember there were this I guess I was awake for an hour to admire the beauty of nature and Mt. Province going up hill and the cold breeze touching your face. It was amazing! I was not afraid because it was the kind of experience and place I've always wanted to go to. I guess it will depend on you if you want a little adventure and adrenaline rush as for me I will be going back there because it is all worth it. Esp when you set foot on Sagada itself. :) I hope my reply helps ^^


Thanks for the wonderful message!