Boracay Escapade Adventure Time!

by - Tuesday, December 02, 2014

There are a lot of things you can do at Boracay. Since I don’t know when else I am going back (but definitely promise myself that I’ll be back sooner than expected) trying lots of adventure things isn’t bad.

We met different folks offering different deals for their adventure. But since we are on tight budget we go for the great steal.

We chose Kuya Joel. He offers the best deal. Underwater helmet diving experience, plus atv car, sky cycling and the 3D museum for only 1000 per person. Luckily, it’s not peak season so we were able to get cheap price. Yes, its cheap already given we are only two.

The night before we talked to him regarding the time and asked if we can start at 9-10am. He accepted. He’s not late. We are not late. But the couple he joined us in the group were late. But its okay. We have whole day for the adventure.

The first activity we did is the atv car. God its so amazing and ugr can’t really explain the feeling. We were driving this atv car up and down the hill like we are some kind of badass. Haha! The goal is to go uphill for a great view of the Boracay islad. It was part of the package too though. The whole drive is so fulfilling. I’ve never drive before nor knows how to.

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The next activity is the sky cycling. My friend was so afraid that at the last minute she didn’t joined me.

Then we go at the 3D museum. It was so much fun! Haha! The photos says it all.

The last activity was the best of all. We go under water for about 15 meters deep with helmet that weighs 25 kilos. I’ll attached a video here for you to see.

I will definitely try again the atv car. And I want to try the parasailing too. When we go back I promise to try other activities!

These are the pictures from our activity the whole day.

Underwater helmet diving

I don't have any clear photo of my face underwater! haha! funny thing is whenever the diver took a photo of me the fish bombarded my face :))))


3D Museum


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