It's A Ribbon Kind Of Day

by - Thursday, May 01, 2014

They just keep on coming don't they? I am so overwhelmed when another online shop contacted me to do a product review. Its an opportunity so I don't hesitate, plus who doesn't want a free clothes?? Of course, you're not really getting it for free free, you have to do something on your end. 

RoseWholesale as one of the largest online clothes wholesalers, specialize in wholesale clothes as well as online clothing for those looking to save money and buy wholesale clothing. They feature extensive collections of clothes for girls with the latest designs, as well as clothes for women with sophisticated styling. Their product ranges also include clothes for men with the sharpest and smartest looks. Available at huge discounts and wholesale direct prices, all of our clothes for sale are beautifully manufactured to the highest standards to give you maximum peace of mind when you buy clothes online.

I am in love with ribbons or bowknot on any form, I am in love with peter pan collar, I am in love dresses. Who isn't anyway?

I got pretty excited when I'm browsing esp when I see this specific dress. All I wanted in a dress is here. I've been looking for a dress with cute print and so amazed that I finally have found one.

The dress is what I expected. The cloth is soft and very comfortable to wear. I even wear it once during our corporate day at school and just use a formal shoes to match it. I chose Medium size as I'm always a medium size. Glad it fit me perfectly as you can see on photos. I really wasn't able to monitor the time it arrived from the time I made the purchased, been really busy doing stuff at my school. All in all 5 stars for it! Recommended online store. Here is the link of the dress but as I've checked it it's already sold out Bow Knot Dress 

 Loaded picture coming right up!

As you have noticed on the previous photos and the following photos I am wearing a tights, this tights were also bought along with the dress also from rosewholesale. Been wanting to own one but it cost so much here in the Philippines and I am so kuripot that's why I don't really buy :p hahaha anyway ribbon all over again?? :D

This cute oxford shoes are from pecperks_closet on ig and its forever21 overrun that I only got for only 400 pesos! Quite a steal right? Trivia! Did you know that this oxford shoes is my 8th pair of oxford shoes??? Yes! I am that addicted to oxford shoes!! Thank God for oxford shoes! haha puro oxford shoes :p

ribbon dress rosewholesale | ribbon tights rosewholesale | oxford shoes pecperks_closet forever21 | red ribbon forever21

Of course, mawawala ba ang face of the day?? haha! 

So how do you find my ribbon/bow knot day dress?? :D

If you love this dress as much as I love it feel free to signup on rosewholesale once signed up you can apply for $50 coupon! Go signup now :)

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  5. That's a really pretty dress,u look great..
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  6. Pretty outfit n lovely pics xo

  7. very beautiful outfit! we have the same dress haha ^^
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  8. great dress and photos :D

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  32. SUCH A CUTE CASUAL dress i love it ..

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