Last Day

by - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Today, marks the day of our last day for regular classes at school. Since tomorrow is Holiday for The Day of Valor, the start of our final exam will be on Thursday and until nextweek Monday. I still have loads to do and exams to take, and some ugr subjects which I don't know if I'm going to pass or not.

Anyway, going back to my outfit post, another versatility of my black skater skirt, for the previous outfit post of my black skater skirt, here's the link:  FirstSecondThirdFourth, and Fifth! haha see?? too many right? :D and I keep on repeating and matching it to every possible clothes I have in my closet. 

This is one of my favorite, wearing denim as top is quite new to me for I seldom wear this kind and probably my first in so many years since I owned one. I bought this one also from ukay(thrift) shop for only 120 pesos or almost $3! Another steal right? 


So, any verdict guys? 

Do you have any clothes that you want to wear or always wear often than others?? Share it with me on the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Regarding my rosewholesale giveaway. I haven't chosen the winner yet. Please bare with me, its our finals week, I'll be announcing the winner this weekend. Hope you understand. Thanks!



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  1. We all tend to repeat outfits... try some nice printed pants they will look good on u :)

  2. U look great in skater skirt .. All the best for your exam
    Keep in touch

  3. Great skirt!

  4. Hi Ellie:

    I hope you will pass your exam!! Your look is really nice.
    Costa Rica

  5. I love this look! Beautiful shirt!

  6. This was a sweet outfit Ellie, your really have to watch that wind :)

    I send you lots of good wishes and hopes that you do really well on your exams :)

  7. we tend to wear same outfit...and i think its amazing because you also tend to spice it up without noticing.... cross fingers for the exam... we all pass!

  8. can't believe you are new to denim tops! they are essential to my wardrobe and something i wear often!

  9. Great combination of pieces! I love denim and black.
    Your top and skirt are perfect for each other <3

    love lots,

  10. Lovely photos! A denim shirt is such a must in my wardrobe! Goes with everything! xx


Thanks for the wonderful message!