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by - Sunday, October 21, 2012

Louise Henderson


Oh My Gosh Style

I'm a pretty ambitious person I go after my dreams, I've done lots of things in the past few years that I wouldn't have been able too without being extremely driven. Apart from that I'm some crazy girl who loves vintage fashion and anything creative, Making people smile and then there is my geeky side I love sci-fi tv series, gamming, I studied IT througout high school and I love superheroes (Wonder Woman is my favourite). My weaknesses? Hot chips, chocolate, I'm a bit disorganised at times too... XD.

I purchased myself a new SLR camera and decided to document the photos I took for photo challenges on a blog, I also started studying to be a stylist so I though I would practise and put some articles and things I've styled too on there It's grown more than I've anticipated in the past few weeks and I've realised how wonderful the world of fashion blogging is, It's an amazing way to connect with others and express my creativity.

It is the same as my blog name. They both have the same meaning which i've explained in the blog name section XD. I was pretty lucky that the url name was free, sometimes it is really tricky finding one they are usually taken when you decide on a name!

I've always loved the saying 'Oh My Gosh' and I thought because I was studying to be a stylist I would combine the phrase with the word style. I'd like to think that people would say the phrase when they see someone’s style on the street "Oh My Gosh - Style!" or something like that. I guess it's like a compliment and I love giving compliments to others.

I use wordpress.com it's pretty good. once I reach 100 followers i've decided that I will move my blog to wordpress.org and have it self hosted and my own domain so then I can host awesome giveaways :D.

I sew, study, hang out with my friends and I'm working on a pretty awesome project at the moment. I can't wait for it all to be up and running you will have to stay tuned to find out! *hint it involves amazing clothes ;D.

Finding a schedule or following a timeline to post things, some days I'm really busy and I don't have time to post something. I also find because I'm new to blogging I'm just finding my style and figuring out a posting schedule still :).

I come up with new content through many ways. Sometimes I'll be inspired by other people, for example I did a post under my 'Challenge Accepted Series' because a friend suggested as a joke to come up with a outfit around Iced Coffee. Suprisingly it was a really popular post, I'm looking forward to doing more in the future. Sometimes my stories are advice related for those just want some fashion related info or ocasionally my thoughts.

No not really! I guess thats because I'm the new kid on the block XD

I haven't been bullied through blogging yet but I have through other social media. You've just got to stand strong and don't let them get to you (Which can be pretty hard at times). Sometimes you have to put yourself in the other persons shoes and wonder what is motivating them to bully you, maybe they are having problems. I also think you also have to go back and remember the good things people have said to you and genuinely love what you are doing, that always helps me feel better.

I joined IFB and that is an amazing community. It's great for people who are just starting out to connect with others and get some info about blogging. Social media is pretty good too although I find most of my followers aren't friends or family. I found SEO works really well too, make sure your article titles and tags etc are made to optimise more traffic to your blog.

Hmmm... well I don't really post my outfits very often, My blog is more fashion advice and photography/ style story based. I try to engage my readers as much as I can I love hearing about their thoughts and experiences.

Yes! as I said before reaching 100 followers before I move onto self hosted (I'm nearly there, I find Bloglovin is a great platform to gain more followers), launching my project through my blog and I'm going to start another Style Stories section about everyday people and their style.

I'm not quite sure if anyone looks up to me yet. I've had lots of complements about my style and photo's which is really nice and encouraging.

Do It! It's one of the best things i've done. And it may seem daunting at first when you start gaining a following and not being sure about what to post but it you just put yourself out there and write/ post what means alot to you then people will come to your blog.

Here are some of her amazing shot. :)


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