Fashion Bumps of the Week: "Impulsiveness!"

by - Monday, December 05, 2011

I really can't say it's impulsive buy because I didn't buy it right away anyway but I do reserved it. Nyehe Is that still the same? Anyway, after indulging on too much buys the past days and over Starbucks madness I decided not to buy unless it's really really important because of the upcoming holiday season I need to save-up. But this wasn't followed. brr I hate seeing beautiful dresses blouse skirts brr hate in terms of I'm so impulsive that if I really really like it I will definitely buy it. That's what happened here, I saw this page and their clothes and I was like "omg! I want this this and this!" haha! Seriously, one of the dress they're selling cost too much on the other online store that I saw and on them the price is less 200. Am I lucky?

I also love the name of this shoppe "Elle Poupee". Not just that, the seller is very accommodating. I really don't want my item to be shipped. Hanggat maari, meet-ups ako. Thank God, they're the one to suggest to meet at morayta, where my school is located, because her sister studies at UST. In short, pareho kaming hindi na-hassle sa transaction. One more thing, when you bought at them, its very presentable, its like you bought at a boutique, because your item is place on a paper bag sealed by their sticker logo. :)

Mustard Polka dress
I've been into polka dots a lot these days. And it's one of my first possession. 

Peter Pan Collar Navy Blue
I look slimmer because of the stripes and navy blue suits a peter pan collar well. :)

The dress and the peter pan collar has been my favorite since I bought it. If you're my friends and we hang-out a lot, you probably already notice how I often wear this. it's very comfortable and very stylish! Agaw pansin lang lagi ang peg pag suot yan. :)

*ps I'm blogging here at school, it's our computer lab time, and our group is already done with the project today.


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