Rainy 35th Milo Marathon

by - Monday, August 01, 2011

We love running. When we have vacant days me and my friends will wake up early and meet to jog at colinas(unfinished exclusive village that is open for those who wants to jog in the morning). Because of this, we decided to join any fun run, the first one was the National Geographic Fun Run, but because of busy schedules only my friend erica were able to join. I told them about this milo marathon that happen every year, we then decided to be part of this event. When registration is officially open I told them that we need to register as early so that we will be able to have our desired sizes for the singlet, so as early as June we're already registered.

You don't go at the marathon unprepared, seriously, you'll get muscle pains if it's your first time or first time for the long time. I asked them that we should go back to jogging every morning to prepared for this, but all our schedule doesn't fit and won't allow us, if happens to have a free day there's this heavy rain that won't permit us also. That leaves us to no option but to be unprepared. But then, we are still determined to attend.

We decided to sleep in one house together since the gunshot for our race which is 5k is 5:30 in the morning. Me, cez and harold(ecai's boyfriend) sleep in ecai's house. We didn't sleep early, it was I think 9pm and we need to wake up 12:30am so we can leave at exactly 2:30am, we live in Bulacan and the race will be held at Mall Of Asia which is almost 3hrs far in our place. It was fun, sleepover will always be fun, having not enough time of sleep and waking up so early is fun because its with friends.

Getting there is so easy though will takes us hours, but since it's so early there will be no traffic and we just need to take a bus. There's a typhoon and we were praying for a cloudy or much better sunny morning but it didn't, it was raining hard. Too many things happened inside the bus, many commotions and even 'mandurukot' is present. But it didn't stop us to continue. The bus we were riding will not go directly at MOA so we decided to just ride another and take a cab to go there.

It was as early as 4:30am when we arrive, there were a numerous runners who were already there, since a race for 42k,21k will start early compared to 10k,5k and 3k. Still, it was raining hard. We thought, as my younger brother told who joined the MILO Marathon last year that there will be a baggage counter for all the racers, but when one organizers told us that there will be no baggage counter available for 5k and 3k, so bloody hell where are we going to leave our bags during the race?? Thank God! Ecai's office-mates brought a car and to their kind hearts we're able to leave our bags and umbrellas.

The race start. The feeling was so awesome! The fact that it was raining so hard, the numerous people in the race, running with friends, it was really fun. I lost track with ecai and harold during the race, were able to see cez on the other lane and finished my race at ecatly 45 minutes, not bad. :D


harold and ecai

Thank You to my older sister's camera, though raining we still managed to take pictures, because it's not usual  for us not to take pictures especially on this kind of events.
the trio: (l-r) me, ecai, cez
with ecai's office-mates

the love-birds :D

We were so wet and very fortunate of us to bring with us extra clothes, yeah! we're always ready! :D I am so hungry and to think that it was so early that the mall is already close and very few restaurants and fast food were open to accommodate all the runners. We finally stop at Mcdonalds because it's the only fastfood that have available/vacant seats.

We all go back to ecai's house to eat lunch, rest for a while, get our things used for overnight and go home. I am so happy, overjoyed actually that I've been part of this event. It was a dream come true for me. I've been wanting to attend a fun run or marathon and it's part of my wish list for this year that I must do before the year ends. So fun run? checked!

I hope everyone who participate in the event were all happy even though some activities were not be able to give importance to because of heavy rain, we really wanted to stay and enjoy the booths, but we can't stay any longer because we're all shivering, and we(me and cez) because of laziness don't bring with us sleepers, that was so uneasy for us!

Hoping to be part of 36th MILO Marathon next year! :)

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