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I hate doing this but on some instances I have to for you to avoid this kind of collaboration with them.

Last March 9 2017 someone from babyonlinedress name Tian Richard contacted me and offer a collaboration on my blog. I usually said yes to this kind of collaboration because it is somewhat my part time job now. We did a little bargain on the price but as always come up with a decision that can meet both ends.

It took me sometime to published the post for I have some things to do myself. But they don't mind anyway because they replied on my email when I told them that I am finished with the article as well as putting the banner on my website.

They even did make some corrections that I am politely updated the post. When payment comes it seems that they have to file some process first before they can pay me whereas on their first email if the post is okay they will pay me right away.

I told them that but they seem not to mind it and still insist on their process. If that's the case they should have told me on their first email the process on their company, right? What's worst is that when I told them that I will be giving them bad review they like automatically will pay me immediately but with additional requirements which doesn't include on the first conversation. I did anyway just for this to be over with but no even if I did so they did not pay me.

After a couple of days someone from their company send me an email to asked for another collaboration but when I emailed back about the previous collaboration which their company did not make any payments they did not respond to my email anymore until now.

Below are the screenshots of our conversation.

I will revert do draft the blog post I did and will remove their banner. Beware of this company be it collaboration or what. If there is any of you who became a victim of this site let me know on the comments or you can email me at

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