First of Summer!

No excuse for not going to the beach/resort and have swimming! It's a must! And everybody is going anyway, and its summer! Need more reasons? No! So head over your nearest or if you're up for long ride then go and have fun on water. ennnnnnk! This may sound odd but summer has offcially ended here in the Philippines, yeah my summer post is a bit late but wanna share it anyway. This is my first swimming this summer 2013. Its spontaneous. My friend and I are just walking home from gym and its so hot we decided to go swimming. There are a lot of resorts near our place so its not that hard to go to one. 

It's been a while since we have set our foot here. It's actually one of the oldest but still the nicest resort around the corner here. Grotto Vista Resort is just a few blocks away from our subdivision. You can actually walk upto there but we still prefer to ride though. Anyway its biglaan so there's a bit of scarcity on food haha! Anyway, I'm afraid it'll turn out just me and Cez, because no one is really replying on my text messages. We managed, of curse, to take pictures of ourselves since I already bought a tripod for myself! Hurray for that. :D 

We love barbecue. But I don't know how to make fir out of eveything that is available. Really. But, I mus say, this is an accmplishment for me because I manage to make fire! It took so much effort and time though but it's all worth it! haha!

Hotdog grill. As I've said there is a food scarcity during this outing, haha these hotdogs are just on our fridge, thank goodness for that, :))))

We can't last a day without taking lots of photos. :)

And, thank goodness again, some of friends joined us, and by some means just two of them ride our kakulitan and biglaang swimming.

Its swimming til you drop! We're the last one to leave the resort at 11pm. We really had fun though its just the four of us plus my friends niece. 

Have you had any spontaneous adventure this past days?

Been to Subic and Puerto Galero too. Watch out for my post!


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  1. Hope you're having an amazing time :) x

  2. Great pictures. It look like you had a great time! ; D

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    Have a nice day xoxo


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