HAUL : Red Floral Bustier Dress

by - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here's a quick haul post. As mention on my previous haul post I'm going to post this floral red bustier dress. I have an eye n floral. Ever since. Its just so tempting when I saw this on instagram that I can't help but buy it. I've seen one of my favorite artist Saab Magalona wearing a bustier dress on her afternoon dramarama and since then I want one too. Aside from its floral, its red, my favorite color. I waited couple of days for this to arrive because they sell it online, a bit scared that it will not fit me because its free size and I really gain weight. Luckily, when it arrives, it fits me, well a bit obvious on my tummy but still can pull off. I haven't had a picture taken wearing it whole body but I already worn this just forgot to take a picture. Instead, I had it half-body. hee

what do you think guys? actually, I've been thinking if this or the other design.

or this one? I asked my older sister and she prefers the first one too, what about you guys? :D

these photos are from my instagram account : snoopellie you can follow me guys if you want. :))

In the mean time, you all have a chance to be featured here in my blog. Just fill-up this featured blogger submission form. There are sets of question there already for you to answer. :)

floral addiction,

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  1. The red dress is definitely better, and looks good on you too.

  2. Hi were did you bought it?


Thanks for the wonderful message!